Release Date Set For The Demon Born


I have been working tirelessly to finish book #4 in The Book of Demons Saga in time to release it in July. I am very happy to say that a release date has been chosen!

The Demon Born will be released on July 24, 2014.

   As the weight of her mistakes fall upon her, Alexandra makes a decision that will rip her and Balthazar apart. But the persistent demon lord won’t let her go as easily as she hopes. In the midst of a war he can’t win, Balthazar uses what few resources he can sacrifice to hunt her down and bring her back to him. However, the secret that Alexandra hides will make him question every decision he’s made.

   Magic must be fought with magic, and unfortunately for Balthazar, that is in very short supply. When a final and decisive battle comes unexpectedly upon him, it would appear that Alex and Balthazar were doomed the moment fate destined them to meet.